Environmental, Health and Safety Consultancy Services:

The experience and capability of Alpine EHS Consultancy Ltd. in provision of consultancy support across a range of disciplines are outlined below.

  • Environmental Compliance Assessment
    • What are the applicable regulatory requirements to your business?
    • A number of drivers exist to carry out an environmental compliance assessment.
    • Understanding these and focusing on the required objectives can then allow the deliverable to be tailored to meet client requirements.
  • Health and Safety Compliance Assessment
    • Can compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements be demonstrated?
    • Understanding these and focusing on improvements required to meet or exceed these requirements can help move a business towards improved management practices.
    • identifying best management practices can aid driving the process of improved performance.
  • EHS compliance and corporate directives audits
    • Combined EHS compliance assessment against legislative and company/corporate requirements and directives often need to be evaluated; are these being met and how is this demonstrated?
  • Environmental due diligence support
    • Property and company pre-acquisition and pre-divestiture assessments are key to understanding and identifying potential environmental (and health and safety) liabilities.
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
    • Environmental Site Assessments can be carried out to identify previous land uses, potential contaminative sources (past and present), pathways for potential pollutants and contaminants and receptor sensitivity.
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS) implementation
    • An EMS (Environmental Management System) is built around fundamental concepts and models. When implemented well, should provide a robust and systematic approach to environmental management of activities and operations.
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS) gap analysis and assessment
    • Understanding and identifying where your EMS meets the ISO14001:2004 standard and where further development is needed, are fundamental in building a robust management system.