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Alpine EHS Consultancy Ltd. was established in January 2012 by Richard Fielding, Director of the company.
The professional expertise and capability provided by Alpine EHS Consultancy Ltd. spans across a range of disciplines in the Environmental and Health and Safety fields.
At Alpine EHS Consultancy Ltd. the approach is to provide clients with a professional service in the delivery of environmental, health and safety consultancy services whilst sharing knowledge and experience to support growth in EHS improvement.
Having worked with both large multinational companies on projects of a global scale and smaller businesses at a local level, Richard has gained an invaluable appreciation and understanding of client's needs in delivering projects to meet client expectations.
Alpine EHS Consultancy Ltd. can provide consultancy support across a broad range of disciplines. The skill sets required to deliver professional EHS consultancy support require a familiarity working with industry and businesses and understanding the practicalities and the challenges of meeting expectations in the environmental and health and safety arena.
The experience and capability of Alpine EHS Consultancy Ltd. in provision of consultancy support across a range of disciplines are outlined here.